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RuggedSocial is an online community built on conservative values 👍

Designed for a different online experience

RuggedSocial is a social network for the people to make genuine connections, discovered shared interests, hang out and meet on an objective and ethical social media platform.

A different kind of community

Rooted in courtsey and respect

We reject the social engineering of progressivism and embrace common sense and logic as the foundation of our interractions.

Conservative Values

In an Inspiring way

We're conservative in our political, economic and social perspective while welcoming those with different view points. We love to engage in thoughtful debates, in a respectful and curteous way.

Private Messaging

In a fun way

Communicate with any other member through the private messaging system. Start group chats, invite new participants and chat in a really fun way.

Take it with you

Wherever you go

Forget about multiple device installs, RuggedSocial is beautifully designed to work perfectly well on your mobile and tablet devices so that you take it with you wherever you are.



Create and share posts like you're used to


Create and discover community spaces for people with similar interests and passion as yourself.


Search for other users and discover new people of different backgrounds.


View all of our content on any device, anywhere without installing multiple apps.


Follow and connect with other users


Organize and find other teamRugged I/O members to learn, share, and work together.

Invite people

Invite your friends to be part of the RuggedSocial community

100% Ads Free

Say goodbye to ads and target marketing based on your private info.

Chat messaging

Send private and group messages with other users


Join the online discussion board where you can ask questions, share experiences, and discuss topics


Subscribe to content and get an in-app notification of any changes.

Data Privacy

As a subscription based social network, we do not sell your data or enagage in data mining for advertisers.

A start of

Smarter Social Networking

With a growth in understanding that when digital platforms and services are offered to us for free, we end up being the actual product, RuggedSocial is subscription based so that our obligation is to you, not advertisers.

$5 / Month
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