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Hello, I'm Paul Kamau,

the creator of RuggedSocial

RuggedSocial is an online community built on conservative values

Responding to the rise of big-tech censorship and de-platforming of conservatives on major social networks, we built RuggedSocial as the first platform to put prioritizes and treats our users as customers.

With a growth in understanding that when digital platforms and services are offered to us for free, we end up being the actual product, RuggedSocial is subscription based so that our loyalty is to our users, not advertisers.

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RuggedReformers is a social network for the Reformed Christian community to make friends, build fellowships and share all thing pertaining to the Reformed Christian life: Sermons, Bible verses, books, art, music, questions or apologetic materials.

RuggedProjects is a project management tool built to make your work fun and productive. Our goal is simple: We want to enable people and businesses to collaborate and build great products on a platform that inspires productivity.

RuggedTasks is a task management service built to bring out your ideas, manage tasks, chat, and enhance collaboration in a vibrant and productive way.

RuggedSocial is an online community built on conservative values for free folks

RuggedCaffeine is a social network for coffee lovers to meet, explore the pleasures of coffee, and build new relationships.

A social network for language lovers to discover, interract and meet other polyglots and build new connections.

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